Their site states that they disclaim any warranties over their site or the data which the site provides. Hence, Time News will not be responsible for the user’s loss. The Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer further states that their affiliate and associates should not held liable for any direct or indirect damages. All users are using this website upon their own risk and consent. The Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer also states that for any loss of business they will not held liable. This means any damages to the computer system or damage to profits.

There are no guarantees about the data provided on the website. This means that they are not liable for the accuracy or adequacy of the data provided on their website. However, they do ensure their services are timely and uninterrupted. They do guarantee that any products, services or information purchased form the website made sure to meet the expectations of the buyer. They also ensure timely error correction on their website.

Short Disclaimer on the published content

Their website claims that all contents on their site are for general use. General use mainly includes audience which view content to stay up to date. Further on Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer also states that the comment section is totally open for personal opinion. This means that users granted with the freedom of speech. Users can easily comment their personal opinions in the comment section of an article. The Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer also states that all goods, services or channels published on their website are independent of them. This means that these types of contents published by third parties.

This kind of content also maintained and updated by these third-party providers. By visiting their website, users also accept the responsibility of the authencity of the content. This means that the user held liable for their own acts. The Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer also states that they provide no warranty upon the information in this site. All of their content disclaimed to be error free. This means that some of their content might have errors or infection in it.

Third Party Content

The Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer also states that all information and content available on their website is mainly for informational purposes. However, they also take precautionary steps to verify the adequacy and accuracy of the data provided on their website. According to Tech Mind Spark Disclaimer this data includes news stories and articles. However, they don’t take reasonable steps for the third-party content provided on the data. There is no fitness of the information provided by third parties on the website.

Their team might make use of information in their news articles from third party news platforms. However, they should not be held liable for any inadequacy or inaccuracy in the data presented. They should also be not liable for any delays in transmission of data. Tech Mind spark should not be held liable for any damages by the data presented by third party agencies. Whether the loss is direct or indirect they should not be indulged in this case.

Use of Cookies

Their website does make use of cookies to provide a smoother and fluid experience. Cookies are mainly used to keep the user signed in. This benefits the user next time when they visit the website. To their surprise, they will find their account already signed. Cookies also helps the artificial intelligence to help understand how the website is used.

The algorithm makes necessary calculations according the data collected by cookies. The outcome of these calculations is the most preferred category. The homepage of the website then starts recommending relevant articles and journals. Since, this is also a commerce platform. The website starts recommending relevant services and products available to buy.